The energy-saving light bench for illuminating plant-tables

We produce light benches with light intensities up to 1.500 µmol (measured at 30 cm distance). Growing height and growing area are very variable and can be customized to your needs and structural constraints. All light benches are stable in temperature and therefore without fluctuations in light intensity. The special process by which we achieve this also provides massive energy saving because the bulbs work exactly at their optimal thermal efficiency range. With the phytophoton light bench in a poly klima room and their intuitive to operate controller elements you can adjust light intensity, air humidity, temperature and CO2-saturation whichever way you like and therefore port any environmental condition into a controllable surrounding.

The environmental friendly simulation of climatic zones

In conjunction with the tailor-made poly klima walk-in-rooms:

  • High grade, durable components and materials
  • Access to every parameter via PC or touch screen
  • All light tubes are dimmable in 255 steps, each tier separately.
  • There is additional, consistent, separate dimmable red and infra-red with 240 LEDs on each level with the use of T5 lamps.
  • Light intensities can be up to 1.500 µmol (measured at 30 cm distance)
  • Consistent temperature and very low wind-speed
  • Computer-aided support with fast, comprehensive and competent service


Technical details

  Non-corrosive: all materials are made of powder-coated aluminum
  All parts and components are made in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  You can choose from 3 different lighting configurations (T5 fluorescent tubes with 7 – 850 µmol, metal halide light bulbs with sunlight-similar spectrum and 325 – 750 µmol or 750 – 1.500 µmol)
  With the high-efficient T5 fluorescent tubes the light bench is also equipped with 240 LEDs with red (660nm) and far-red (730nm) spectrum for PAR enhancement.
  All light-channels are dimmable in up to 255 steps from 1% to 100% in a day-/night-program. The metal halide light bulbs are dimmable from 50% to 100% of their maximum light intensity.
  All light benches are easily adjustable in height with a press of a button. With this you can adjust light intensity even more individually according the needs of the plants.

Of course individual customer-specific configuration of the light-bench is possible and we are keen to visit you or discuss over the phone.

Product sheet Phytophoton HL


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for France, Poland, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finnland, Norway, Spain, Portugal
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