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poly klima


poly klima® GmbH is a young and innovative technology enterprise. Since its launch in 2013 we specialized in plant growth solution and similar applications. Meanwhile our systems are used at various universities, research and production facilities all over Europe.

Our team of experts knows from decades of experience in the filed of climate simulation and plant research.

The connection of our know-how regarding climatic technic, programming and lighting enables us to offer our customers always the right tools for their needs build from one company.

Climate Protection

We consider climatic research also as climate protection. That is why we strive to use the given resources in a responsible way. We consider the reduced total costs of ownership together with the durability of our systems a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Energy Efficiency

We are very proud on the positive energy balance of our systems, especially our walk-in rooms. With careful planning and the use of first-class materials we succeeded in significantly reducing the power consumption of our systems compared to our competitors.


Our systems are being developed further and brought to perfection according customer needs. For a long lifetime of our systems we exclusively use upmarket components and materials.

Remote Support

As a standard our systems are equipped with Ethernet functionality. This offers you the possibility to remote-control your system and enables us to remote-support your system. Another contribution to environment protection. In case you need one of our technicians at your site, with this remote-ability we know exactly about the support situation and what is needed before we arrive at your site.