Harmonic light spectrum for plant growth and cell culture

The energy consumption of walk-in rooms and plant growth chambers used in plant biology science will more and more be made to subject of discussion in the nearer future.

Many universities and institutes still use quite old systems equipped with fluorescent lamps.

The True Daylight White LED system from poly klima® is an inexpensive and energy saving alternative to common fluorescent systems! Almost every walk-in room and chamber can be retrofitted with the new True Daylight White LED System.



  • Approx. 50% less energy consumption compared to fluorescent lamps.
  • Much less lamp bank height increase the overall growing height per tier.
  • Very low heat development and heat radiation, requires less cooling energy.
  • Very harmonic light spectrum, ideal for plant growing and cell culture.
  • Constant spectrum over all dimming steps and temperature ranges.
  • Compatible Technology. Can be integrated in many existing systems.
  • Long lasting. True Daylight White LEDs remain constant for at least 50.000 hours.
  • Light intensities up to 400 µmol (square modules) or 1.400 µmol (linear modules).



„Our test with this LED was promising...“,
Professor Dr. Katja Tielbörger, University of Tübingen

„Shows a broad spectrum response, good energy efficiency and is suitable for plant growth!“,
Professor Dr. Benedikt Kost, University of Erlangen

„An equivalent, if not better replacement for fluorescent lamps“,
Professor Dr. Waltraud Schulze, University of Hohenheim/Stuttgart

„A lighting with optimal spectrum for plants and minimal heat development“,
Professor Dr. Erich Glawischnig, Technical University of Munich 


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