Climatic chamber for plant growth and cell culture

  • 3 lamp banks with an itensity range from 3 bis 300µmol/m2/s-1 (@30 cm).
  • True Daylight LED panels with a very harmonic light spectrum, ideal for plant growth and cell culture
  • Each lamp bank dimmable separately
  • Lamp banks with minimal heat development
  • 3 shelves with a total growing area of 1 m2
  • 44 cm growing height (given an equal lamp bank - shelf distribution)
  • 10/15°C to 30°C temperature range (without/with light)
  • Easy day/night programming
  • Very quiet (about 55 dB)
  • Measurements: 75x73x170 cm (WxDxH), 90 kg
  • extrem low energy consumption of just 270 W/h with full lighting
  • Made in Germany




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for France, Poland, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finnland, Norway, Spain, Portugal
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